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Naturopathy’s foundation principles include:

• First, do no harm (Primum non nocere);

• The healing power of nature  (Vis medicatrix naturae): the therapeutic approach acknowledges the body having an inherent / innate self-healing ability to establish, maintain and restore healthy function;

• Treat the “whole person” (Tolle totum): A holistic approach takes into account the complex interaction of many factors to re-establish harmonious functioning and well-being;

• Identify and address the cause of disease (Tolle causam): The underlying root cause of dis-ease must be investigated and remedied in order to recover equilibrium.  Merely suppressing symptoms, to alleviate discomfort associated with the body’s expression in its attempt to heal, is insufficient;

• Prevention is the best cure: promoting life-sustaining habits that maintain health is preferable to contending with disease;

• Educate (Docere): sharing information and providing an understanding of the requirements for well-being encourages and empowers individuals to participate in taking responsibility for their health.

Naturopaths of New Zealand
Our professional members hold a recognised Diploma or Degree in Naturopathy; a current first aid certificate, and they complete the required amount of on-going training each year to earn their current practising certificate.

Membership requires our members to abide by our Code of Ethics and Practice and the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Code.

You can contact us here for information and forms if you are interested in joining our association.